What we offer you!

Miniature Painting is more than a passion for us. It is a vocation! Every of our projects takes us further and we love to put our work to perfection. In every project we put a lot professionalism and creativity. We give every miniature and every project its own character. We are very open minded for any wish you have in case of a special miniature or any type of project. 

We do a big diversity of different painting levels for miniatures as well as dioramas or bigger projects like landscapes etc. 

The following pictures and information will give you a little bit of a reference point about our work and what we can do for you. 

Enjoy to check out our work. You will find more pictures in our gallery and on our social media channels. 

If you have any questions feel free to send us a message. 

Classic tabletop standard

This painting level is our entry level. We give you the best possible results for a very good price. This depends a little bit on the type of the miniature.

Price range: 10 - 18 € / mini

superb level

This painting level is our high quality level. We paint your miniatures in a very high quality, so that they will stand out on the gaming table. The final price also depends a little bit on the type of the miniature.

Price range: 25 - 60 € / mini

Showcase level

This painting level is our masterclass level. It is our highest painting level and it is pushed until the perfection we love. This Level incl. NMM, freehand, high details, glazing, big amount of layering, magnificent base art works etc.

Price range: 60 - 100 € / mini

Diorama Art

Our dioramas are showing epic sceneries with a lot of details and magnificent painted miniatures. We love to show a moment in a diorama like it is happening in real time. Every of our dioramas tell a unique story . It is just like when you are reeding a fantastic book or you watch a thrilling film. With our dioramas you can get this stories just into your shelf, living room, hobby room... everywhere!

Price range: 150 - 650 € / diorama